Breakdown :

Hi there! I am a french surfacing artist currently employed at Dreamworks Animation India. I am looking for a position as surfacing/texture artist from the month of October.

Personal Project (2013) : Strawberry Pie, Chubby Dragon (original design Denis Zilber), Telephone, Still life.
Modeling, Texturing, Shading.
Software : 3dsMax, Vray, Mari The Foundry, Photoshop.

Dreamworks Animation India (2012) : Madagascar 3 - Europe most wanted
Position : Final Layout Artist
- Set Dressing : Set dress the shot for Lighters with final assets, ensure the continuity of a sequence through the movie.
- Camera Finaling : Finalise cameras throughout the movie, modify animation and shots as animation goes on production.
Software : Maya, Dreamworks Proprietary Software and Linux Environment.

Tentation (2011): Graduation movie from Supinfocom, Arles
Credits : Loris Accaries, Marie Ayme, Claire Baudean, Audrey Janvier
Position : Co-directing, rigging and skinning of the characters, environment research and modeling, props modeling, 2D and 3D animatics.
Software : 3dsMax, Photoshop.

Sabotage Studio (Paris) (2010) : TF1 Advertisement's shorts
Intership - Modeling
software : 3dsMax